Inline Drip Irrigation Pipe (50 Feet), 16mm, 0.7mm, 40cm, 2.2 LPH.

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  • Nominal Diameter: 16 mm
  • Inside Diameter: 14.2 mm
  • Wall Thickness: 0.7 mm
  • Dripper/Emitter Spacing: 40 cm
  • Nominal Discharges: 2.2 LPH
  • Nominal Pressure: 1 kg/cm2

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Inline Drip Irrigation Pipe (50 Feet), Diameter: 16mm, Wall Thickness: 0.7mm, Spacing: 40cm, Flow Rate: 2.2 LPH, Made by Jain Irrigation, India.

  • Manufactured from Special Grade Virgin Plastic Material.
  • Manufactured with Most Modern, State-Of-the-Art Equipment.
  • Individual Double Filter.
  • Dynamic Self-Cleaning mechanism.
  • Inline Pipe with Multiple Outlet Holes.
  • Marked with Two Parallel White Stripes ‘Twin- Line®’
  • Stringent Quality Control.
  • Longer Lateral Lengths inline irrigation pipe.


  • Ideal for irrigation of closely spaced row crops like sugarcane, cotton, banana, strawberry, floriculture, vegetables and spices.
  • Recommended to use in greenhouses and nurseries.
  • Suitable for multi-seasonal applications.
  • Used for widely spaced horticultural plants like mango, citrus, guava, apple etc. in group spacing.
  • Inline irrigation pipe is suitable for surface as well as sub-surface irrigation.
  • Suitable for landscape, shrubs and turf irrigation.
  • Recommended for undulating terrain & steep slopes and where longer lateral running length is necessary.
  • Drip irrigation is applicable for open field application to maintain high field application efficiency.
  • Suitable for low operating pressure/ Gravity feed irrigation system.

Inline Dripper Pipe (100 Feet), 16mm, 0.7mm, 40cm, 2.2 LPH.

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