Weekly Programmable Digital Timer.

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  • Installation: Plug-in Type
  • Voltage & Rating: 240Volts, 50Hz, 13Amps.
  • Max. 3120W for most of home electrical appliances
  • Setting time: 1 minute
  • Setting time: 7 days
  • Complete instructions provided in packaging.
  • For indoor use only
  • 9 ON/OFF per day
  • 24 Hours display

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Weekly Programmable Digital Timer Plug-in Timer Socket with LCD Display 24 Hours / 7 Day with 8 On-Off Programs for Garden Irrigation.

General Features:
  • Automatic weekly digital timer operates electric motor and device.
  • Automatic timer machine keeps any electric machine & equipment.
  • It operates water motors, irrigation motors, or any other type of motor or device.
  • Healthy & long durable in homes, factories and agriculture farms.
  • Set up a system to turn on or off at certain times without frequent interruption of any human being.
  • After setting automatic timer, it will turn on any electric motor or device automatically at a certain time.
  • And it will turn off automatically at a certain time as required by the user.
  • It can set time as per the convenience and requirement of the user in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The user can optimize as when it turns on an electric motor or device automatically.
  • And how long it will run continuously, and when it will stop automatically.
Additional Features:
  • The automatic timer can program as when the same motor or device will start again after a certain time interval.
  • Once the automatic timer is set for a time schedule, it will run and stop according to that time schedule.
  • An automatic timer machine ensures any electric motor run fine and can be used without any hassle for a long time.
  • This timer machine saves extra electricity bill, costly labor and valuable time.
  • The weekly programmable digital timer is very easy to set and use.
  • It will continue to run according to its pre-set times.
  • If the power is disconnected or the power goes off, there is no need to reset the timer once again.

Mechanical timer, 24-Hours Schedule for Indoor Use.

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