One Way Mist Fogger Garden Irrigation Plastic Sprinkler

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  • Sprinkler Type: Mist Fogger, one way,
  • Discharge: 20.0-40.0 Liters / Hour
  • Spray Radius: 0.4 – 2.0 meter
  • Working Pressure: 1.5-3.0 Bar
  • Material: POM, PP
  • Color: Black & Grey

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One way Mist Fogger Garden Irrigation Plastic Sprinkler for Field Crops, Vegetables, Nursery, Garden Irrigation as well as Temperature Control in Poultry and Dairy Farm.

  • Well balanced for water distribution with maximum water-use efficiency
  • High quality plastic body withstands UV radiation, chemicals, and accidental impact
  • Fogger provides a spinning flow, breaking the water droplet to a fine mist, minimizes clogging hazards.
  • Highly efficient cooling and humidification.
  • Get great performance and fine droplets at relatively low pressure.
  • Simple disassembly without tools, enables fast and simple cleaning – saving time and labor.

Misting Spray Watering Nozzle Kit Garden Irrigation Set.

Atomization Misting Fogger Nozzle Micro Sprinkler, Single Head


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